Monday Funday

Although it is Wednesday today, we took the day off from work on Monday to enjoy the nice weather and do some more “Fiver” shopping. Apparently that is the term used by the RV community for a fifth wheel camper. We learn as we go 🙂

We did also learn that there are only a few RV manufactures that actually build all the RV’s in the United States, but they are branded in what seems like hundreds of makes and models. It is mind boggling!

We hit up 3 RV dealers, which by the way can take up your entire day. The one common theme we found is how the sales folks are not your best source to determine which trailer is better then the other, especially when you tell them that you looked at a different make at a different dealer, you will usually hear “oh you don’t want to buy one of those, they will fall apart in 6 months”. Obviously they are there to sell their products, but based on all the comments on either side, all of trailers must be bad. I figure if they were falling apart after 6 months, they probably would be out of business. So take those comments with a grain of salt 🙂 For the time being we are focusing on floor plan and then once we narrow our search we can get into the details on value vs reliability. Some of the makes we looked at were Starcraft, Forest River, Keystone and Grand Design.

One thing is for sure, my RV literature seems to be growing by the day and these are just the ones I kept!



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