In April of 2018 we were out having dinner with some friends at a local Italian restaurant. The conversation went from simple family discussions to our jobs, and that’s when things changed. The next thing I hear is my wife saying, “I am ready to quit my job and sell everything”. She said it’s time to downsize and hit the road to experience what life should be about. I understand that our jobs can be very stressful at times and it seems that we live to work and not work to live, but WOW what a statement to make!

After some long discussions, we agreed it was time to simplify our life and get out of the “rat race”. Although it will take some careful planning and budgeting and most importantly, how can we generate income to keep us going??! ……as some would say “minor details”.

We have been blessed that we both have stable, well paying jobs which has afforded us to have a nice home (with a nice mortgage), a second home (which we own) and newer vehicles. But is it all worth it? What could we do if we simplified our lives?

We hope that our story will either inspire others to do the same or at least educate on the trials and tribulations associated with our decision. One thing of importance to note about us is that we don’t have any children, so I probably would not recommend this path if you have children depending on you. We are in a unique situation that allows us to make this type of decision.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to post our names or job information at this time as we need to protect our current employment, but I can tell you that we live in Texas and are in and around the 50 year old range 🙂

Please join us on our journey to a Simpler Road!