We’re Baaack!

Almost 4 years later and Wow! A few things have happened in the last four years. Probably one that no one expected. The good news is that I am still here especially with the scare on my last post. Interesting on how life has a way of getting in the way of your plans. So a quick synopsis to get everyone caught up. First of all, we did finally buy an RV. The timing of it all just made things a little more difficult then they were. Who knew covid would come along and change the RV industry right? We still were able to get mostly ahead of the rush when we purchased our travel trailer. Yes we went with a travel trailer. We purchased a Rockwood GeoPro 19FBS in June of 2020. We took it from Texas to Arizona and stayed at a few different parks along the way.

Our Little GeoPro

We quickly discovered that we needed something a little bit bigger. We travel with our 50 lb fur baby and decided we needed a little more maneuvering room 🙂 So we finally got a fifth wheel! We were impressed with Rockwood, so we stayed in the family and traded up to a Rockwood 2442BS in May of 2021. It is the perfect camper for us!

This one is just right!

We have already been on some fun adventures and looking forward to some new ones. Unfortunately our fiver has been in the shop going on 3 months now having some warranty work done. Front AC needs to be replaced and parts are not easy to come by right now like everything else…..ughhhhh!

Now you are probably wondering about our job/work status. Well, we are still working our full time jobs. My wife is looking to retire this year which will make it easier to part time RV. I have a little more flexibility then she does, so perhaps I will work from the road. I did a little of that on our last trip and have some advice for those thinking about RV’ing and working on the road. More about that on my next post.

Well that gets you mostly caught up with our RV life but there will be much more to come. SYL!

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