Working On The Road (in a RV) Is it right for you?

In today’s remote working world, many have thought or taken the plunge in buying an RV and traveling and continue to work at a full time job. Can it be done? Sure. Should you do it? That answer is going to vary depending on a array of factors. Don’t let the excitement of it all cloud your decision making capabilities.

First, I always advise anyone who has had no RV experience to first educate themselves on the in’s and out’s of RV’ing. Perhaps rent one so you can at least get your feet wet. Many will discover that it is a lot more work then they had bargained for. Do your research! You also need to be somewhat handy and prepared to make repairs along the way. It’s not a matter if something will go wrong, it’s a matter of when it goes wrong and you will need to be prepared. I don’t leave without an assortment of tools and repair items. Educate yourself of the types of tools you might need based on the RV you have and don’t forget to consider plumbing and electrical. When you are on the road, it might not be easy to find a repairman and you will have to work on things yourself. If you are thinking…..but I have RV roadside assistance, well good luck as they are not always reliable or timely.

Second, your employer. How flexible is your job? Can you just take time off if needed for travel days and the unknown challenges that will present themselves. In the past, you had more flexibility with campsites dealing with schedule changes. These days most campgrounds stay pretty full especially during the peak travel season. If you have to delay your travel for any reason including weather, this can have a ripple affect on reservations you have at different campgrounds. Think about how this could impact your ability to work.

Finally, technology. Don’t assume that you will just use the campsites WiFi signal to work. There will be very few campsites that have reliable connections if any. You will need to be prepared to have your own internet device and be sure to check your providers coverage areas. I have found that even where my provider showed coverage, the service was still spotty. This takes me back to my second point on how flexible your employer is.

This is not to deter you from taking on this exciting opportunity, just giving you a little insight into some of the challenges so that you can be prepared. SYL!

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