Let’s watch a movie….at the campsite?

The point of RVing is being able to travel and enjoy the great outdoors and that is the majority of our experience. However, occasionally you do want to enjoy a movie or watch a sporting event while on your adventures or winding down for the evening, and there is nothing wrong with that. Your choices are usually limited to whatever you can pick up with your RV’s TV antenna and depending where you are, might not be much. Some folks have portable satellite dishes which are nice but can come with a nice price tag. Below I have listed some alternate options that may work for you.

  1. DVD’s if you have a DVD player in your RV. Some RV televisions have them built in.
  2. Some streaming services like Netflix and Amazon allow you to download content to your mobile device or laptop before you leave home or whenever you have a good internet connection. You can then use an HDMI adapter cable to play on your TV. No internet required!
  3. Use a streaming device such as a Amazon Fire stick or Roku player to stream from various apps. Keep in mind that this does require internet service and most RV parks WiFi may not support streaming. This is where mobile hotspots come in handy, just be sure to check your plan for data limits.

We have a home cable service which allows us to log into certain streaming apps for no additional cost. We were able to watch some football games by simply downloading the Fox Now app to our Amazon Fire TV stick and logged in with our home cable subscription. We also have a grandfathered unlimited data plan for our hotspot device, so this also makes it easy for us.

I am currently evaluating subscription services such as Youtube TV, Hulu, Sling, etc… and hope to provide some feedback on those in my next post. That’s all for now…SYL!

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